Sedentary – [Sækyi]

It seems like the way most mainstream hip-hop fans view Virginia, it has no impact on the music scene whatsoever. That’s laughable to me, though, because it is actually one of the most buzzing regions in the entire underground scene, but I guess you have to be a bit more tapped in to realize that. In fact, the entire DMV area is just oozing with innovative talents and trendsetters, and Sækyi is one of the very best at pushing the limits and trying new things. I can’t pretend like I’m an expert on the Woodbridge, Virginia native, but I have heard numerous records from him and I have always been extremely excited with the way they turned out when it’s all said and done.

He undeniably turned some heads with his Brandon Jhon-produced record “Sedentary” when it was released last week. This melancholic single somehow combined feelings of despondence and pessimism with a slightly hopeful, light at the end of the tunnel-type of feeling. Luckily, to build on this record’s momentum, Sækyi teamed up with the amusingly named directors known as two white guys to bring this record to life in the form of a music video.

The visual is truly spectacular, matching the vibe of the song impeccably well while providing some of the cleanest scenes I’ve seen all month. Basically, the entire visual follows Sækyi through a day in the life. What’s incredible to me is that he strays so far away from the typical rap video subject matter, giving us an almost polar opposite sneak peek. I say that because the existence portrayed isn’t a life that most people would want to live, even if they do it involuntarily.

Instead of luxurious estates and raging parties, the emcee shows us what it’s like to live a sedentary life, as the title suggests, taking us from one colorless task to the next with an expressionless face. This is how it goes from the moment he wakes up, and you can tell the monotony has gotten to him considering it appears as if one of his daily tasks is going to the lake, typing a cinderblock to his ankle, and contemplating if he should throw it in and end the repetitive cycle or not.

While this is such a dark, heartbreaking outlook, it is a point of view that many people do unfortunately struggle with. I just respect the fact that Sækyi demonstrated it in such an artistic, intriguing fashion rather than a blatant, tasteless way. All in all, everything from the song to the visual came together wonderfully, as expected from the up-and-comer, but it’s something you have to see to actually appreciate, so make sure you give it a watch as soon as you can!