Secure a Bag – [Cypress Moreno] feat. [N7] and [PWAP]

The high-octane production style of Cypress Moreno is back with the feature assistance of Oklahoma City rappers N7 and PWAP. True to his style of production, the hard-hitting producer sets up a driving, energetic and lethal soundbed for the rising talents of the OKC rap tandem to perform. N7 and PWAP in their own right have been gaining a tremendous amount of momentum for their ability to completely dig in on their verses finding a balanced contrast in their styles and how those styles sound and operate both individually and collectively. With several songs of theirs already widely acclaimed over the past couple of years, PWAP and N7 cutting up a Cypress Moreno beat with their unique styles and unrestricted flows just seemed like the logical next step. The combination of superb production and two rappers who are always leaving it out on the track makes for an exciting and memorable performance for everyone involved. “Secure a Bag” is the kind of song you’re going to want to blast when in search of that spark – this is like adding gasoline to a fire.

Listen to “Secure a Bag” by Cypress Moreno featuring N7 and PWAP below.