seasons – [Prentiss] & [Lil Aaron]

Most people connotate youth with innocence, and while it’s not an inaccurate presumption, that doesn’t mean that a mid-teen individual doesn’t have a story to share with the world. If you look at this from a music perspective, you won’t have to do much digging before coming across Prentiss, a 15-year-old Jackson, Mississippi singer who has been leveling up on all fronts over the past year or two. Although he is young, he has been making music for quite some time, so his youthfulness doesn’t come with inexperience, and his capabilities shine bright every single moment that he gets the chance to show off his skills.

Thanks to his unique sound and diverse mashup of sonic styles, he has caught the eyes of Justin Bieber, Skrillex, the Kid LAROI, and more. He has even accompanied glaive for a handful of live shows and eventually made his festival debut at Lollapalooza here in Chicago, which is beyond impressive considering it’s one of the largest music fests in the world. A while ago, I saw that he was receiving support from Lil Aaron, one of my all-time favorite underground acts, and once I saw photos of them linking up in the studio, I was far past eager to hear what they were going to bring to life.

I’m sure they have a variety of tracks in the vault, but the first song they put out is their brand-new record “Seasons” which features production from Aaron himself as well as Dan Geraghty. The instrumental is perfect because it features some intoxicating electric guitar progressions and unforgettable percussion, but it appears to find the middle ground between these two artists’ unique styles, ultimately serving as the most fitting foundation I could dream of. Prentiss’ innocuous vocals ring out and cut deep, showing that even though the love loss he is discussing in the track might not be something that has lasted for copious amounts of time, it’s still heartbreaking and applies to everyone listening in some form or another.

In Aaron’s second verse, he keeps himself relatively subdued compared to other punk rock anthems he has brought to life, connecting flawlessly with his counterpart’s individualistic sound that really brings things full circle. It’s just remarkable to hear these two create songs with one another because, despite their age difference, they prove that music has no limitations and it brings people together, regardless of unchangeable circumstances. At the end of the day, when two people who know music as well as these two do, there is no chance that the outcome will be anything subpar. “seasons”, alongside the extraordinarily engrossing Elan Bia-directed visual, proves this point without an ounce of uncertainty.