“It’s like a nice, light apple sorbet, and as close to an “acoustic” song as I wanted to get on this album. Nylon string guitar has been my go-to instrument for composing for a long time, so for “Seasons” rather than move that main riff over to another instrument, I wanted to lean into the sound and keep it as a bossa nova-inspired song, starting with a dusty nylon and drum loop that eventually gives way to synths and programmed drums” Elbows

Los Angeles based artist Elbows makes his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a jazzy new record titled “Seasons.” Off his upcoming album Tales From The Old Mill, Elbows weaves a seasonal concept to convey the universal nature of ‘falling apart.’ Sonically the song couldn’t have better production or instrumentation, as the assortment of sounds truly creates a blissfully tranquil listening experience. Elbows’ vocals are soothingly soft to he point of a whisper, which allows for the instrumental to have a life of its own. Interestingly enough, upon the first few listens I couldn’t shake the thought of chill dance-inspired remix featuring an artist like PinkPantheress to shake up the original offering. Nevertheless, “Seasons” is a beautiful track on its own, and it’s the perfect single to catch your attention ahead of Elbows’ next project release. Have a listen below!