Scy Jimm Shares New Single “Set In Stone”

Hailing from the incredibly small town of Bunnell, SCY Jimm has defied the odds and captured the attention of industry heavyweights. His talent and unique sound have earned him a spot with QC, a label known for its impeccable roster. In 2022, Jimm made significant strides with his mixtape “ROOKIE OF THE YEAR.” The project featured a series of successful singles that showcased his versatility and lyrical prowess. Collaborations with fellow Floridian artists like Luh Tyler, Goldenboy Countup, and Wizz Havinn further elevated his profile and solidified his reputation as a force to be reckoned with. Jimm’s undeniable talent and ability to effortlessly navigate diverse musical styles have made him a standout within Florida’s booming music scene.

Today, SCY Jimm is back with his new single “Set In Stone.”

“We finna hit the top, know it won’t be long / Told my mama, ‘you ain’t gotta worry, I’m gon make it home.”

With his distinctive Floridian flair, effortless bars, and a dynamic sound that continues to evolve, Jimm proudly represents his state and the vibrant rap culture within it. As he continues to grow as an artist and captivate listeners with his unique style, I look forward to witnessing what is to come.

“Set In Stone,” is now available on all streaming platforms.