Screwed Up – [Nevaeh Jolie] Ft. [A Boogie wit da Hoodie]

Nevaeh Jolie is an artist who I recently got familiar with a few weeks ago, and I instantly saw that she had everything it takes to become a star in the music industry, so I was intrigued to see what was to come. Today, Nevaeh Jolie is making her debut on our website with the premiere of her brand new music video for “Screwed Up” featuring A Boogie wit da Hoodie, it’s a solid visual that you don’t want to sleep on. As soon as you press play, if you are a knowledgable fan of hip-hop’s history, you will notice a familiar melody that she sampled on this record before he came onto the beat with her luscious vocals after A Boogie kicked it off. These two artists complemented each other as well as possible, the chemistry was undeniable and it left me hoping to see them work together more in the future. The visual itself was aesthetically pleasing in my opinion, much love to the video director Walu for making this one possible. Check out this brand new visual + read my Q&A with Nevaeh Jolie below!

EM: What was it like growing up in New Jersey?

Nevaeh: When I first arrived everyone gave me sh*t for having a southern accent. It was good later though. I got used to the snow and the cold weather and being close to the city gave me lots of opportunities I would of never got living in Florida.

EM: Who are some artists that inspired you growing up?

Nevaeh: Ummm…..I have so many that come to mind. Off the top I would say The Beatles, Avril Lavigne, Frank Ocean, and Bryson Tiller. Bryson Tiller specifically because I feel like he is the king of Trap Soul and really created that new space for R&B to live in.

EM: Is it true that you used to be a Broadway star?

Nevaeh: Yes!….Well not exactly but sort of. I was in a couple theater classes off Broadway and I would catch the train to the city on the weekends (or every other day of the week) and rehearse “The Wiz”. I’m pretty sure that’s what most people know me for. I always did theater in school and I just LOVE the acting world overall. I eventually want to keep being active in directing my own music videos and eventually other film projects that further my cinematography path.

EM:At what point did you start creating music?

Nevaeh: My first time in the studio I was about 11 or so but I’ve always been writing. I had my first song journal at 8 but by early teen years, I had been in 2 different girl groups. I was in and out of the studios, did commercials, the Broadways, voiceovers, a lot fo stuff so I was always doing things with music or being around it.

EM: From the looks of your Spotify, it looks like there was a three-year gap of music releases between “sorry” and “Too Much”, is there a reason for that? If so, what?

Nevaeh: Perfecting my craft is really what cause the delay. I always made music around heartbreak and emotions (which I still do) but lately I been expanding my horizons and really just…..set out a goal and intention for my music, you know? Each body of work I put out has a purpose and a plan so, I take my time with it. It’s a whole other world I want my fans to be able to digest.

EM: The cover art for the acoustic version of “Too Much” appears to have a gameboy inspired theme, were you a big gameboy fan? Or any video games?

Nevaeh: You know it’s funny! I never actually had a Gameboy OR even held one in my hands! hahaha! My neighbor had a PSP and that is kind of the closest I’ve been to a Gameboy. It’s crazy….but I was a fan though even without one.  As far as video games, I like storyline type games. Games that make you think like “Life is Strange”, “Heavy Rain”, “Tomb Raider”, “God of War”, and select battle games like “Street Fighter” “Mortal Combat” “Hexen” and other CPU hacked games. 

EM: Can you talk about your EP that you have coming out this year? Title? Features? etc

Nevaeh:  NO….I’m just playin. lol My EP coming out soon is called “Game On”. I’m hyped about it! I do have a cool feature but I’m not gonna tell. 😉 You have to keep you eyes and ears open but it will definitely be an EASTCOAST BOP!

EM: How have you had to adjust this year with the global pandemic?

Nevaeh: I have to adjust the same way you have. lol I was locked in the house forced to be the most creative I could possibly be. I did – and still do – everything from drawing, painting, I set up my own studio to record songs, etc. Anything to make each minute feel less like an hour.

EM: Who are some artists that you want to work with in the future?

Nevaeh: I would like to reach for the stars and work with people like Drake, Frank Ocean, Bryson Tiller, 070 Shake, ummm…….so many. I really would love to work with more people from Jersey like Coi Leray, and just more females that are dominating R&B like Kehlani, HER, and bad ass girls like that.

EM: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Nevaeh: HAPPY. 🙂