Scars – [Wolfacejoeyy]

I have tons of people hitting me up daily in order to send me music to check out, and while I love this usually, it can definitely get overwhelming at times. Due to this, I can’t always get to everything, but there are a few friends that have never sent me bad music even slightly, so when they send something through, I know it’s essential that I tune in.

Well, the homie has sent through countless songs from Staten Island rapper/producer Wolfacejoeyy, and while I was impressed at first, I feel like I get more and more into his music with each additional record that comes across my radar. And let me tell you, plenty of music comes across both my phone and laptop screens because he seems to never leave the studio considering he drops so often, and he seems to only get better each time.

Most recently, I was put onto his latest song “Scars”, an incredible track produced by Rio Leyva and ThankYouWill, and I am definitely not the only one who thinks this due to the fact that it landed in the top 50 on SoundCloud’s New & Hot chart which is right where it deserves to be. The beat is driven by an infectious 808 foundation as well as a light, bright melody, but nothing takes away from his extremely unique delivery.

Not only are his lines swift and catchy, but the way he swings his voice and hits so many different notes at a moment’s notice is certainly nothing to ignore by any means. Just as I was about to write about his individualistic tone, I realized that he mentioned in the song’s SoundCloud description that his vocals are pitched up, which makes a ton of sense in hindsight but it also doesn’t make him sound overly manipulated to the point where it sounds unnatural.

All in all, Wolfacejoeyy is someone that never fails to keep me coming back for more, and as he keeps releasing new songs, his stock price continues to rise. This means that if you don’t tap in now, you’re going to be left in the dust with the way I think he is going to take off, so avoid that situation altogether and tune into “Scars” at the next possible time.