Scars – [NGHTMRE] & [Yung Pinch]

Although my taste in music always varies day to day, there is nothing like knowing there’s an artist that is just chill and gives off good vibes, even if some of the subject matter they’re talking about might not always be the most uplifting. When it comes to Yung Pinch, he has become one of my favorite artists ever, and while he has the West Coast beach vibes that I love, he doesn’t necessarily sound at all like any of his other California counterparts.

While I’m not as familiar with NGHTMRE, Pinch has been known to work with some EDM producers and DJs in the past, so when I heard their song “Scars” not too long ago, I was definitely a fan. Since then, they have come out with a Winter Halter-directed music video that combines with the track wonderfully, and even though I’m a couple of weeks late to the party, I couldn’t let this one go unnoticed. Opening up, Pinch is hanging out inside of a very modern-looking home full of wide windows, white walls, and a very interesting floor plan.

The white walls are perfect for this visual considering they utilize them to allow the various different colored lights to change to mood and each scene overall, making a fairly simple addition seem much more impactful. When the beat in the song drops, a variety of dapperly dressed men and women are shown really feeling the music and enjoying their surroundings whether they’re in some beautifully scenic settings or not.

Even though there are a few subtle animations throughout this video, one of my favorites comes when a guy is looking out the window as unidentifiable figures rise up from the ground, disappearing before his eyes. These figures come into play a little later on as well, giving a slightly out-of-this-world feel to the video that I truly appreciate. I can’t wait to check out Pinch’s set at the Summer Smash this weekend, so until then, I’m going to be bumping “Scars” to hype myself up, and I definitely suggest that you do the same.