scales – [King Isis]

Oakland native and rising star King Isis has just released their debut EP scales, marking a new era in their journey as a rising musician that you need to keep on your radar. Growing up in a low-income, single-parent home, the musician struggled with feelings of inferiority and self-doubt in mostly white, wealthy private schools. At the same time, music and writing in general offered a way to create worlds of their own while expressing themself. This is apparent in the newly released project that features a set of 6 tracks that investigate topics of self-discovery and confidence while incorporating deep and reflective subjects throughout.

Isis’ vivid vocals navigate to emotive depths with layers that stretch far beyond what’s expected from artists at their stage in the industry. With a wide range of sonic impacts from genres like indie rock and grunge to R&B and jazz, Isis somehow ties sensitive themes of pain, growth, and transformation into every last second of this project. For those who may not know, Isis’ name pays homage to their great-great-grandmother, Omega King, exhibiting the influence and enthusiasm for art that runs in their family, serving as a reminder of their own capability.

The title of the EP, scales, is a nod to musical theory as much as it is a portrayal of Isis’ own uniqueness. While their skills are magnificent, they also strongly believe in the healing power of music, volunteering their time teaching music classes for low-income groups and creating safe spaces for incarcerated youth and children of imprisoned adults through the FreeStudio Program at Rikers Island.

Overall, King Isis’ debut EP scales is a staggering, private look at the exploration of themselves that shares their influential lines and assorted inspirations. As a musician, King Isis has found independence and authority in their craft, and their confidence in imagination as a way to lead a new wave is sure to encourage others to follow in their footsteps.