say ur mine – [Alessi Rose]

Sometimes you’ll find an artist on TikTok that grabs your attention for a few days or weeks, but after some time that initial spark might wear off. It’s only the artists who are truly special that have that innate ability to stick around in your rotation for months and years to come, and after discovering London-based singer-songwriter, Alessi Rose, I had a hunch that she’s going to be one of those ones. Initially stumbling upon some of her covers of unreleased Olivia Rodrigo songs about a month ago, my initial thought was that she had a spectacular voice, but the real question was whether or not she had the original music to back it up? Lucky for us she was in the process of already teasing her debut single and it happened to be spectacular. And while it’s best to make judgments based off of full-songs, it was clear with just a brief snippet that the song and Alessi had some undeniable potential, so there was no question in my mind that I had to do it justice on the Lyrical page. 

Fast forward to two weeks ago and that snippet turned into a full song as Alessi blessed us all with the release of her debut single, “say ur mine”. A pop record that begins with a stark focus on her vocals as we tune out all surroundings, Alessi grabs her listeners’ attention with her captivating tone and sincere storytelling beginning in the first 11 seconds after a brief ethereal sounding intro. From the jump it’s obvious that Alessi is an open book that leaves no pages unturned as her self-reflection and honesty in the song about a relationship seems raw and unfiltered. As the song progresses, we hear the space created within the production by Syblyng begin to evolve from a more intimate record to an up-tempo pop groove, which ultimately builds into a grand outro that will leave you with all the feels and more importantly, ready to hear more from Alessi in the future! 

If you haven’t listened to “say ur mine” already, be sure to check it out using the links below!