Say Datt – [Fastmoney Ant] & [Lil Zay Osama]

There was a moment in time a few years ago when I realized that I began to fall out of love with the drill scene in Chicago. There wasn’t any overtly specific reasoning behind my loss of interest, but I just felt like I had found my time being consumed by other genres and different types of music. I also just felt like I was spoiled by that initial explosion I got to witness first-hand a decade ago when Chief Keef, Lil Durk, G Herbo, and all of those guys first blew up.

Well, there is a new generation of drill musicians here, and I am beyond happy to say that my interest is at least where it was back then, if not maybe even a little more eager to see where these young talents are going to go. The DCG brothers were the first duo to draw me back in thanks to their IDGAF attitudes and unique spin on the classic sound. Lil Zay Osama is someone who has been a local legend for years, but I just got heavily in tune with him over the past few trips around the sun, so his skills have excited me all over again.

Then there’s Fastmoney Ant, an Englewood native who first hit the scene from my knowledge last year, or at least I first heard his music when he dropped “Hawk Em” in July. This song changed so many things for me because he proved that even if you are speaking about some eye-opening, violent events, you can have some personality and enthusiasm while not always having to act like some serious, nonchalant character.

This personality comes out in his latest track “Say Datt” which also includes Zay, and this was a link-up that I don’t think could’ve gone any better. Over the hard-hitting Jasooo-produced instrumental, allowing the emcees to trade off bars and pick up where the other left off. Not only does it show off their chemistry being from the same city, but it ultimately adds up to what might be my favorite song yet that Ant has put out, so I couldn’t be any more excited with the outcome. The O Visuals-directed music video is equally as clean and well put together, making this an overall release that can’t be ignored if you ever even considered overlooking it.