Saviors – [SRNDR]

Many things change at the start of the new year; resolutions are made, people choose to refocus but one thing that has remained beautifully consistent is the level of quality output of the Los Angeles based duo SRNDR. The alternative soul tandem’s newly released single, “Saviors,” finds the group picking up the pace and delivering once again.

SRNDR’s latest release is certainly a different sonic display than the group’s previous showcasing’s. Their subtle nod to European dance music, which combines elements of pop and their signature sultry brand of R&B, has a pace we have yet to see. Despite the clear change in stride from the group on this record, SRNDR still manages to implement everything that made me fall in love with them when I first heard them; ghostly instrumentation, soaring vocals and an overall euphoria that manages to hold your attention as if in a daze. To no surprise, this electrifying combination is a truly exciting window into their unimpeded ability. Centered around the idea that there is more than one way to be successful, the combination of Lovsky and Chase Aaron freely express the pressures that come with being artists.

Check out “Savior” by SRNDR below.