Savior – [Exodus1900] x [Saturn]

The pure malleability that young acts hold in regards to the rising, upcoming state of pop music moving forward has been arguably its most defining facet from an overall standpoint. Artists working within the genre in our current times have an untapped and limitless approach to tackling whatever sound and/or style they would like on any given occasion, and the resounding quality and success alike from this sentiment has produced some of the most unique music to ever grace the genre in its history.

Even the most unorthodox and traditionally off-the-cuff stylistics can become as appealing as ever due to this notion being so apparent, and it is safe to say that an act like Exodus1900 has made a career this far from doing exactly that. Their abrasive, yet all-too-entertaining and talent-ridden approach to the worlds of hip-hop and pop alike has produced some of the most outstanding offerings from this wide and endless scene all year long, and each track that has succeeded the last within his discography has come to impress even more than the last.

Following suit is their latest single “Savior” — a collaboration with the ever-prolific Saturn over an instrumental produced by the trio of Elxnce, Kurai, and Vinso. The mass amount of star power and talent alone on this track from the outset would spell success regardless, and that is exactly what they ended up achieving once the track concludes.

From a vocal perspective, the two given passages here from each act completely steal the show given their sheer appeal by themselves. The distorted, manic, and obscure atmosphere that surrounds the entire track goes hand-in-hand with the two’s emphatic and entertaining deliveries alike, creating an overall sonic feeling that is just as directly entrancing as it is complicated and esoteric.

They are able to do this over an instrumental that practically matches their approach on the mic in its own right, as the beat is as straightforward as can be, while still having that faint and even arcane feel to it, as though it was meant to be purposefully clouded in this manner.

The overall feeling that all of these facets work to create is completely unique and unfounded on its own, and only such a tellingly progressive group of talents like themselves could ever pull this off as artfully and comprehensively as they did with this cut.