Save Me – [Dro Kenji]

Dro Kenji might be a name you’re unfamiliar with at the moment, but he’s gearing up for a massive drop at the end of the week with his debut project Tears and Pistols, so you’re going to want to familiarize yourself with the Charleston, South Carolina by way of Fredericksburg, Virginia artist. About a month or so ago, he was flown out to work hand in hand with some of Internet Money’s most prolific producers, and although they’re known to bring the best out in artists, Dro just might be the one artist who can be seen as their posterchild moving forward. He remains unsigned, but after taking a listen to his music, this independence is going to be hard to maintain because A&Rs and label heads are going to be kicking in his door to get the opportunity to sign the young talent.

In order to get familiar with Dro if you’re not already, or to hype yourself up for the promising new project dropping on Friday, it’s mandatory that you check out his brand-new single “Save Me” and see what all the hype is about. A slew of Internet Money producers like Nick Mira, oktanner, OVZRCZ, thecxdy, and FrankieOTG teamed up to bring this song to life, and they create an absolutely magnificent foundation that truly allows Dro’s unbelievable talents to shine unlike ever before. They do so through poignant, melancholic guitar chords, crisp percussion, and some spread out pungent bass drums.

As the beat takes shape, a few preluding lines are sung by Dro as they echo off into the distance and give us a small sample of what’s inevitably about to consume your eardrums. When he does come in for the chorus, his words are as powerful as they are emotional, piercing through to your core and stirring up emotions within yourself that you might not have even known existed prior to hearing Dro sing. The energy he puts into each and every note is as prominent and recognizable as ever, and you can hear his breathing getting somewhat heavy during certain portions to prove the amount of effort he’s exuding behind every word he croons.

As he gets into his verse, the beat changes up slightly and allows the hats and claps to come to the forefront a bit more than previously, and Dro matches the change by subduing his emotion slightly, although the passion behind every word is still as clear and obvious even if he’s not fully stretching out his notes like he previously was in the hook. Not only do his flows and cadences switch up and rotate constantly, but the inflection in his voice consistently alternates as well, proving that he’s far from a singular, one-off talent, but I feel like that’s obvious after hearing just one stanza of bars from him.

There seems to be a bit of a bridge in between his verse and the final hook where his vocals are stretched out yet again while being elevated by some airy, echoing effects that masterfully bring so much more passion back into his message than ever before, raising the emotive qualities of the song yet again prior to another influential chorus that rings true in your mind and lingers there for hours if not days on end.

When finding out more about the Charleston talent, he reveals that some of his musical influences and inspirations include Young Thug, YNW Melly, Trippie Redd, and Juice WRLD. When looking at this list of legends, I can definitely hear influences and similarities to Trippie and Juice because of their uncanny abilities to truly make you feel their emotions and the things they’re going through even if you’re not in the same particular situations. This is some of the highest praise I can give because these two artists are not only icons, but they’re also some of the most unique individuals that have ever graced a microphone, so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Dro’s name in the same conversation even before this year comes to an end, if not soon after. I can’t speak highly enough of Dro Kenji and the incredible music he is bringing to life, and although he’s been making music for around two and a half years, I’m excited to see it starting to pay off because he absolutely deserves everything that’s coming to him. While we wait this long and tedious week for Tears and Pistols to drop on Friday, make sure you tune into his brand-new single “Save Me” and get excited for what’s to come later this week.