Satellites – [Daniel Novello] ft. [Fontana*]

Daniel Novello, the person, and Daniel Novello, the artist, have never seemed to be different people. Personal describes the kind of honesty that the Atlanta native employs into his songwriting, and impassioned is perhaps the best way to describe his deliveries. With each new release, Novello puts every ounce of heart into his art, the yield of which has most recently arrived in the form of his Wilshire Trails EP – an ode to a Georgia staple, right near Novello’s home base.

Today, expanding on the strong new EP, we’re here to shed a light on Novello’s music video for “Satellites” featuring Fontana*, which follows in a strong line of visuals for the ATL artist but emerges as my personal favorite to date.

Employing the homely look and feel of a grainy 90s film, “Satellites” takes the storytelling nature of the song and merges it with sometimes humorous imagery, blending animation and cinematic camera work to tell its story. From a reappearing horse-headed figure to the Stepbrothers-eque on-camera duo of Novello and Fontana, it’s a hilarious music video that comes across as uniquely compelling without losing sight of the message that the music portrays – an important distinction, and one that reminds us of the talent at hand here.

Daniel Novello is a thrilling young mind, and his vision for “Satellites” is an unexpected, but easily-lovable one. Between the music, itself, and now a standout music video, I couldn’t recommend this one more. Don’t sleep – check out “Satellites” below!