Sasha Atlas’ new alt-pop masterpiece “Heaven” will leave you mesmerized.

Building off the momentum of her latest EP On Fire, NYC artist Sasha Atlas takes her listeners on a mesmerizing journey with her latest song, “Heaven.” With its ethereal and powerful sound, the track truly showcases Sasha’s unique style and alternative musical vision.

From the moment the song begins, you are enveloped in a world of crazy soundscapes. The instrumentation and production by Konstantin Korsakov paired with Sasha’s vocal melody create a dreamlike atmosphere, where soft vocals and keys intertwine with captivating electronic elements. The resulting experience reminds me of being in a movie theater, as the music fills every particle of space with a surround-sound feel.

“Heaven” reflects Sasha’s ability to blend various sounds seamlessly. The song combines elements of alternative pop, progressive rock, and synth-pop, resulting in a super dynamic sound. Somehow, she’s created a sound landscape that feels both familiar and refreshingly different at the same time. This track and Sasha’s music in general feel like it’s ripe for club-style dance/electronic music remixes.

Listening to “Heaven” is an experience that goes beyond mere entertainment. It is a transformative journey, almost like a glimpse into a different dimension. The song possesses a certain quality that can make your hairs stand up, stirring emotions and leaving a lasting impact. Sasha Atlas is carving her own path in the music industry, and “Heaven” serves as a testament to her unique nature. With each release, her viewership grows, and more people are captivated by her distinctive sound.

This type of music holds a special place in my heart, reminding me of artists like Imogen Heap and Alanis Morissette, people I’ve loved listening to in small doses for years since their introduction from my mother.

I’m excited to add Sasha Atlas to my listening library, and to see how her following continues to increase. She’s got over 2K monthly listeners on Spotify, and I expect that to grow heavily. Stream “Heaven” below!