Santos Party House – [Smoke DZA] ft. [Wiz Khalifa] [Curren$y] [Big KRIT] [Girl Talk]

New York rapper Smoke DZA is back for a new star studded smoker’s anthem for the 2020’s and “The Smokers Club” founder has tapped back into both the sound and aura of some of the stoner rap that most of the artists on this track helped popularize both their music and the gas. DZA opens up the track entitled “Santos Party House” over the sanguine and slightly up-tempo instrumental produced by Girl Talk, which’s open-ness and bubbly texture made for the perfect backdrop for DZA to flex his lyrical muscle atop. The animated visual shows the lavish lives of each of these artists and them all turning up together at the “Santos Party House.”

Girl Talk said about the creation of this track, that it  “Originated at a session with just DZA and I in New York.  We’ve been doing some collaborative work over the past couple years, and I thought it’d be interesting to switch it up and see if he’d get on a more uptempo, feel-good sort of beat.  DZA laid a quick demo of a verse on it.   I thought he sounded great on that style of production, but it was the end of the night, so we didn’t end up finishing the song.  A couple months later, I linked up with Wiz, K.R.I.T., and DZA while out in LA.  We all have history together that goes back over 10 years, so the vibe was great.  Just everyone catching up and having fun.  I pulled up the “Santos Party Record” record, and everyone wanted to jump on it.  I had a session with Curren$y a few weeks later, and he put the finishing touches on the song.  I think it’s a cool intersection between all of our individual styles,” and I personally feel like these coincidental encounters that lead to being an actual feature on a song that releases are often the most fun tracks that artists release just because of the spontaneity of it all.

The first verse bleeds into Wiz Khalifa taking over for the triumphant and melodic hook that reminds any haters of the gang at the Santos Party House that you might hate them but your girl won’t turn off their song. Curren$y is in his usual bag and the Louisiana native still doesn’t miss a beat after putting together one of the most simultaneously prolific and half-baked catalogues in the entire music industry and there is certainly no better trio of stoner rappers I can think of than Smoke DZA, Wiz Khalifa, and Curren$y. “Santos Party House” also features Big KRIT who slides onto the glistening instrumental with his distinctive southern drawl with bars for days, coming in with a tongue-twisting flow and walking all over this beat giving what was probably the best verse on the song to me which is a pattern Big KRIT has followed when appearing alongside other artists for his entire career. Sit back, take a deep breath, and roll one up to Smoke DZA and co’s unforgettable new visual.