sandpaper_b – [A5H] ft. [faeriey]

There’s nothing more satisfying than stumbling upon a song that you used to love but haven’t revisited in quite some time — especially when the song pops up in an entirely unexpected way. Such is the case with King Krule’s “Baby Blue”: one of my favorite songs, period, and also the sampled foundation of “sandpaper_b,” the latest from an artist by the name of A5H featuring faeriey (the endlessly talented mastermind behind the revitalized King Krule vocals).

First things first, it’s a remarkably bold undertaking to sample such a recognizable set of lyrics. Samples always run the risk of outshining the track itself, but in the case of “sandpaper_b,” A5H balances the line perfectly, using the sample to its full potential without compromising the individuality of his artistry in the process. Maybe it’s the soaring lyrics or maybe it’s the slightly disheartened deliveries that make the emotion here all the more fervent, but whatever you attribute the beauty of this one to, you can’t deny that “sandpaper_b” puts seemingly indescribable emotions into tangible form.

With this, there’s something oddly satisfying about “sandpaper_b,” and for this reason and so much more, I can’t recommend this song to our readers more. My words can only do so much, but I highly urge everyone to go out and click play on this one. Not only did A5H perfectly nail the landing on the sample, but he also crafted something that can, and will, resonate with a notably wide base of listeners.

Stream “sandpaper_b” below!

Produced by YZ