San Pellegrino – [Shane Garcia]

In general, the songs that I tend to hold onto are those that I feel some sort of emotional connection with. There’s a difference between liking a song for a few weeks that sounds cool and really growing with a song, as this sense of longevity requires a far more intimate listening experience than the former. In the case of Shane Garcia, this idea of “built to last” music is wielded through the art of imagery, just as we see in the NYC talent’s brand new single, “San Pellegrino.”

Stemming from the simple, yet oddly vivid line, “San Pellegrino on a Sunday,” Garcia’s latest seems to connect with a sense of visual connotation that not many songs have. There’s something almost soothing about pairing her imagery with such clear images of casual affection, and furthermore, something more familiar about the candidness in such. Garcia is able to channel her polished deliveries and impeccable vocal control through a platform far more memorable than a surface-level radio single, and in such a way, she’s able to bring listeners closer to her personality off of the mic, as opposed to keeping the listener-artist relationship strictly streamable.

This warmth felt through a 3-minute single is something of a lost art in today’s day and age, marking just one of many reasons why Garcia has become a front runner in terms of NYC’s burgeoning talent right now. Sure, there are a million supremely-talented vocalists out there, but only a select few can present their talents in a way that connects beyond a few listens. There’s something more to Shane Garcia’s music, and the stellar “San Pellegrino” can surely attest.

Stream the new single below!