SAMSARA – [SIM] feat. [ZAIA] & [Tanerelle]

With a lot of the music today focused around a vibe and a central feeling, it goes without saying that a lot of what’s going on in the current climate of music could be noted as the purest-sounding music. Coming from artists who truly focus on their craft, we know that before any collaboration is done, it’s done with feeling and for the love of the music, rather than just trying to collaborate for the hell of it. When R&B and rap collide, it creates a beautiful balance between both genres that, when done correctly, can form one of the greatest bonds in music. This song in particular stuck a certain chord within me, and I fell in love with it instantly. That said, here is “SAMSARA” by SIM, ZAIA, and Tanerelle.

Discovering SIM’s music not too long ago, what gravitated towards it was the ability to stop time. It felt like I was encaptured within this void where nothing else around me mattered. Those types of songs are very hard to come by nowadays, and it speaks volumes when artists are able to do this in a way that sounds so amazing. Enlisting LA-based vocalist Tanerelle and ATL’s own ZAIA, SIM has crafted the perfect concoction of soundwaves and vibrations that exist in their own realm.

When asked about the collaboration, featured artist Tanerelle says:

“When SIM reached out to me about SAMSARA, I was so overcome with joy. We got to create a song about a concept I believe so deeply in, our lives; this one, the ones before, the ones that’ll come after, and the love we encounter in each one. It’s such an incredible tribute to love in all its forms.”
Check out “SAMSARA” by SIM, ZAIA and Tanerelle below!