In today’s climate, good music is difficult to find, while GREAT music seems almost impossible to come across; so any time I hear something that blows my mind, I have to make sure to share it with everyone I know. Today, I get the chance to unearth an artist who deserves to be on the radar of all music fans and tastemakers alike. 

If you haven’t heard of Ché yet, then make sure to head to Spotify, apple or whatever streaming service you prefer and shoot him a follow immediately; as the young emcee is primed to become something special as time goes on. Today, the up and comer makes it onto our page for the release of his brand new track called, “SAMSARA” and it’s a hit!

From the moment the production kicks in, Ché makes it evident that he’s one of the most promising wordsmith’s in the industry right now. This joint is extremely groovy and creates a phenomenal vibe for anyone who’s looking for a pick me up as the weekend begins. Ché is talented and it’s an honor to be able to write about him today on LL. I’ve attached, “SAMSARA” down below, so make sure you tap in and let us know what you think!