Same Prayer [Chronixx] & [Kabaka Pyramid]

I first discovered Chronixx through “Belly of the Beast,” a standout track off Joey Badass’s debut studio album B4.DA.$$.” Beyond Joey’s typical lyrical brilliance, Chronixx not only delivered an epic movie soundtrack-esque chorus, but also an exceptional verse of his own.  Since then, I’ve become fascinated with the Jamaican artist, discovering his debut album Chronology, while not once being disappointed by his latest singles. The style of Chronixx is described as “socially conscious nu-roots mixed with uplifting contemporary reggae,” with the added arsenal of going over fast or slow riddims. Chronixx’s fast-paced tunes flow like a rap song, i.e. his recent passionate single “Dela Move.” His upcoming album is titled Dela Splash, which he revealed to BillBoard:Dela Splash is like what I would do on a mixtape: exploring sounds limitlessly because you don’t have to worry about clearing samples, so you put everything you want on it and come up with a recipe for your next thing.” Every Chronixx song is special for this reason; the Jamaican stamps a new form of authenticity with each exuberant drop.

His latest single, “Same Prayer,” features fellow Jamaican Kabaka Pyramid, a conscious revolutionary lyricist that has collaborated with Chronixx on “Mi Alright,” and Blessed is the Man.” This release is much more mellow, with soft accompanying instrumentation. Via Chronixx’s instagram, he describes the record as “A prayer for the younger generation to reflect on internally.” On top of this meaning, “Same Prayer” is also “a reminder that there is a greater power directing things in the physical space. Instead of looking for solutions in our material lives we can both reach out to this higher power and also look deep within ourselves.” Regardless of one’s religious affiliation, Chronixx’s lyrics can serve as the powerful affirmation we all need: “Jah Jah with me through everything, I have no fear for anything / Jah give me all the strength I need, to make it through this world I was born in. Rastafari is my peace of mind, Jah thank you for your love and kindness / For every drop of air I breathe, and for waking me up this morning.” The word Jah is the Rastafarian word for God, whom Chronixx and Kabaka Pyramid put all their faith and unconditional trust in. Watch the powerful music video for “Same Prayer,” the latest track from Chronixx and Kabaka Pyramid below!