Salina – [Triple One]

Sydney natives Triple One recently released a single titled “Salina” that not only introduced me to the band but turned me into their newest fan as well. After building a very strong base in Australia, the group found success abroad after landing themselves on Lil Peep’s Spotify playlist and the widely known YouTube channel Astari. This song (and video) showcase everything you need to know and give a glimpse into the massive potential that Triple One carries within. From the pop-like melodies to the intense-yet-fascinating visuals, the band brings an energy that only few have been able to do before. Vocalist Marty Bugatti noted that “Salina” is about heartbreak and how it often leads to self-destructive behavior” while Lil Dijon describes the track as being “a battle of choices and dealing with the consequences when the choices are made.” With their debut album Panic Force scheduled for October, “Salina” serves as the perfect welcoming committee and will only create a strong desire for more music, visuals, and hopefully soon-to-be shows. Watch the video for “Salina” below and follow Triple One on Instagram and Twitter!