Saints II – [Ovaeastmeech]

Ovaeastmeech is an emcee out of Chicago who I have been supporting for damn near four years now, last time I spoke with him I was asking when he was going to bless us with a project, so when I saw he recently dropped a seven-track EP titled Saints II I was more than happy! Meech wasn’t solo for this effort though, he had his good homie & mega-talented producer Mic Lee right by his side for the entirety of this tape, and if you know anything about their connection together than you know they did something special here. I have grown to know Meech to be a great rapper but even better when it comes to making ear-pleasing melodies that could become radio hits with the right backing, but here on this EP you’ll find Meech getting a lot more introspective about adversities he has had to overcome. This EP is the second installment of Meech’s 2019 effort Saint, and his first project since 2017 if I am not mistaken, but trust me when I say that it was well worth the wait. Expect to see this EP on our Top 50 Chicago Projects list that is only a month away, but for the time being stream this new tape via Soundcloud below!

Additional production from @deelilly