Saint Laurent – [EGOVERT]

Although I follow a ton of independent artists and believe that many of them are going to go extremely far in their musical careers, few of these talents get me quite as excited as EGOVERT does. There is just something about the way he carries himself and doesn’t care about what other people think that makes his already incredible music even more remarkable, and I legitimately believe that he’s going to make it big at some point or another. I mean, at the end of the day when you listen to any single one of his songs, none of them sound even remotely the same and he is able to switch up styles in the blink of an eye, making sure that fans have no idea what to expect before pressing play.

Most recently, the underrated superstar dropped off his latest single “Saint Laurent”, a song that is named after one of his favorite high-end fashion labels that he sports fairly regularly throughout his visuals and social media posts. Just a few seconds in, you’ll realize that the beat is made by none other than Mathiastyner, the hitmaker behind most of his up-tempo, chaotic offerings, and Dustin Cavazos, another incredibly talented producer. The duo brings another banger to life by incorporating some uncharacteristic percussive elements, simplified yet punchy drums, and even more wavy 808s that combine with one another for a somewhat minimalistic yet unbelievably incredible instrumental.

When EGO comes in for the hook, his charisma is obviously on full display, but he seems to hold back some of his trademark vigor and madness, something that I could only imagine he was holding out on until later on in the record. In the verse, he completely changes up his flow not only to a cadence that’s different from the chorus but to a cadence that is entirely different than anything I’ve ever heard from him or anyone else for that matter. As the beat begins to gain traction throughout this verse, EGO does the same and allows his enthusiasm to begin skyrocketing, bringing all of his energy and effort to the top of the charts which makes any sane human want to run through a wall.

What’s even more remarkable is the fact that he’s able to continuously rotate through flows that are entirely different than anyone else in the music industry. I feel like the rapper who I could see being comparable is Ski Mask considering he’s always trying out some playful, uncharacteristic deliveries, but EGO might even have him beat with some of the flows he workshops in this record.

I know I write about new EGOVERT offerings quite often, but I never run out of things to say about his music. No song ever sounds repetitive, his demeanor is just captivating, and he is one of the most fun artists to pay attention to in modern music, in my opinion. I just don’t know how anyone could hate on this kid after giving his music a fair chance because even if this sort of high energy, off the walls track isn’t for you, he has entire projects full of completely opposite, low key, and introspective music that gives you an entirely different look at the other side of him. He has teased the release of his upcoming project EGODEATH a few times at this point and I’m obviously excited to hear that in its entirety, but I’ll never grow tired of the recent songs EGO has released either, so although I’m impatient to hear what else he has up his sleeve, “Saint Laurent” and the other songs he has dropped recently are definitely more than enough to hold us over.