Sailor Moon – [Laya]

As the year winds down I find myself either revisiting all the dope records I’ve listened to or the ones I missed throughout the year. I saw Laya’s “Sailor Moon” single on a mutual friends Instagram story and of course me being the anime lover that I am I needed to check it out. I honestly didn’t come into the single with high expectations but this has turned into one of my favorite alternative R&B records that I’ve heard this year in a short period of time. You can tell that Laya is heavily influenced by the sound of 90’s R&B but she still has a current feel for today’s alternative sound. This was the only track she released this year so she certainly made this one count. If you’d like to check out more of Laya’s work you can go back to tap in on her “Um, Hello” 7-track EP.

Stream Laya’s alluring record “Sailor Moon” for yourself after the break.