Safe Than Sorry – Live – [Eric Penn]

Nowadays everybody can sing with all the plugins and heavy Autotune that you can use to disguise actual talent, but the real question is who can deliver a jaw-dropping performance live? Recently, Virginia native, Eric Penn, has been earning his stripes on the stage and on Youtube where one of his live performance videos was featured on the “Top Shelf” of NPR’s Tiny Desk Content last month.  Lucky for us, Penn has been blessing his fans with some of these live recordings on streaming platforms and they’re already starting to find a comfortable place in my rotation. Towards the end of 2022, I was fortunate enough to catch Eric live in-person and after seeing him absolutely shut it down, I can confirm that Eric is an R&B artist that has a very, very promising future in this game. I say that to say, I’m thrilled to give Eric his long-overdue Lyrical Lemonade debut today to highlight his newest release, “Safe Than Sorry – Live”!

Continuing the momentum of his previous single, “Catastrophic – Live”,  Eric Penn is back in his smooth R&B bag yet again, delivering to us one of my favorite records from him to date, “Safe Than Sorry – Live”. Showcasing his impeccable range and brilliant falsetto tone, Penn shreds high notes with ease as he jams overtop of a tranquil guitar line and tasteful drums that seem to fill the perfect pockets throughout the tune. A sensual and moody record that you might not want to play around anyone you aren’t trying to shoot your shot at, “Safe Than Sorry – Live” lays the foundation for a million reasons why we should all be buying Eric Penn stock at the moment. And while the song’s vibrations might heat up a bedroom, in reality the record speaks on a friendship that has potential to turn into a fling, but ultimately Penn decides to come to a halt with the idea. Playing it safe out of fear that it might ruin their friendship, Penn denies the temptations of taking things further  – “we shouldn’t even try that before it becomes a whole thing”. 

If you haven’t already given Penn’s, “Safe Than Sorry – Live”, a listen, make sure you do so now using the links below!