Safe and Sound – [Kid Joi] ft. [Reign]

For over a year, I have been hip to the movement that Kid Joi has been creating quietly but steadily. She has been making some major waves at such a young age, and even though it feels like she is still flying under so many people’s radars, I feel like she is one of those artists where as soon as you hear her just once, you’ll never miss another song that she puts out ever again. Age means nothing in her case because the way she sings provides such a prevalent power that I really have only heard from a select few superstars like Beyonce for instance, so the fact that she still has time to grow, mature, and really home in on her skills makes me beyond confident for her future.

Despite the lowkey hitmaker status, she clearly has quite the pull in music, because she got Reign (formerly Guwop Reign) to join her on her brand-new record “Safe and Sound”, and it’s seriously one of the most poignant records you’ll hear for the rest of the year. The beat is fairly minimal but still quite impactful, and these are the instrumentals I feel like Joi thrives on most, because there is nothing that could step in front of her powerful confidence as she belts out her words from the deepest depths of her inner thoughts. Reign was a magnificent addition to this record as well because his autotuned vocals provide just enough emotion while still remaining pretty chill and restrained.

At the same time, there are portions of his verse where I could’ve sworn Future was rapping, so this familiar voice was a wonderful element that got me even more excited about this song, especially since I’m not completely tapped in with Reign’s other music. I’ve been proclaiming the fact that Kid Joi is a star from the moment I first listened to her music, and as I continue hearing more and more from the Suburban Detroit songstress, the more I believe that she is going to leave a mark on this industry more than any of the other underground talents that might come to mind.