S.O.T.L. – [Ludacris] x [Lil Wayne]

One positive thought from this whole quarantine situation is that people have been finding ways to be creative and to entertain people, and one of my favorite things that have been birthed from this is the Verzuz battles that have been taking place weekly on Instagram Live. We’ve watched some classic matchups so far in the series, one of my favorite being DJ Premier against RZA, but last week we got another great matchup in Ludacris vs Nelly. This was an awesome watch that had me entertained for some hours last Friday, but during a time where Nelly was having some network connection issues, Ludacris decided to fill up some of that idle time with an unreleased record with Lil Wayne & Timbaland, which he ran back at least five times. Many of the viewers in the chat were giving Ludacris some positive feedback about the track, and here we are a week later, as he has just released the track, officially titled “Silence Of The Lambs”. When you hear of a trio such as Ludacris, Lil Wayne, and Timbaland getting together, you know that it’s going to be special. I shouldn’t even have to tell you the damage that they did on this one because I am sure you can imagine, but luckily you don’t have to picture it, all you have to do is press play below!