S.M.P. – [E the Profit]

E the Profit is one of Kentucky’s most exciting rising hip-hop talents, and anytime he drops something new, I love tapping in with his latest creations. Thankfully, at the tail end of last week, E released his latest hard-hitting track “S.M.P.” and it’s a banger, unsurprisingly. E perfectly captures the single’s mischievous, shadowy vibe, which is yet another sonic aesthetic that further proves his versatile stash of talents, and it never fails to get my attention. “S.M.P.” is all about avoiding distractions, keeping your eye on the prize, and enjoying the luxuries that you can earn with hard work, and it’s clear that E and his collaborator Rocco Roy have outdone themselves once again.

The track features a charming instrumental courtesy of Rocco that E is exceptional on, with powerful bass and an impeccable cadence that will have you nodding your head along the entire time. The duo has utilized Southern-inspired percussive elements for a good number of their recent collabs, and this hit is no exception. The snares and bass borrowed from previous musical eras are on full display, making this yet another one of E’s scorchers.

From the opening bars, this release is yet another trenchant, high-energy anthem that will get you hyped up and ready to conquer anything you put your mind to. E’s flow is on point throughout, and his lyrics are full of clever wordplay and crafty rhymes that will keep you on your toes from start to finish. The track is a breakthrough for E, but then again, I feel like he proves himself even more every time he drops something, so this one is just another success in a long string of wins for the Kentucky star.

It just feels like there is never a song he puts out that doesn’t show off a new skill, reinforce a style that he has mastered, or bring some innovation into the picture, and I think that the fact that he is always pushing the limit makes him one of the most exciting spitters in the current rap uprising. “S.M.P.” is not only a testament to E’s ability to create music that is both gritty and polished; It’s also one of his numerous can’t-miss tracks that I’ll be bumping for the foreseeable future!