Rx3 – [Rosco P]

If there’s anyone applying the pressure and working relentlessly in rap right now, it’s a name you may not be familiar with right now, but you’ll be hearing everywhere soon: Rosco P. Set apart from his peers with a certain knack for delivering memorable hooks and powerful verses, this rising talent is putting on for his hometown of Lansing, Michigan with unrivaled pride. Today, Rosco hits our pages yet again and keeps the stocks rising with a new music video for “Rx3”. Produced by 2Drumatik, this track is one of the hardest in Rosco’s catalog, definitely deserving of a visual companion. Now that this companion finally arrives, it exceeds all expectations, pointing to colorful, effect-filled imagery to showcase the young artist’s booming flows and natural charisma. Shot and edited by FoxxCalledMoon, “Rx3” isn’t the release to sleep on, so be sure to check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!