ruthless / trouble – [Rich Amiri]

It always amazes me when I take the time to read bios and interviews with artists that I don’t know very much about because there never fails to be a handful of information that surprises or impresses me. Whether it’s something about their upbringing, their career, co-signs, connections, or even milestones that they’ve achieved, there is usually at least one or two things that I find interesting.

Rich Amiri is someone I have heard of many times and have listened to every now and then, but I never took too much time to learn more about him, so when I saw he released a two-pack of records called “ruthless” and “trouble”, I wanted to give him a once-over so I could understand his journey a little more.

I was just blown away to find out that he only started taking music seriously not very long ago, and even after starting to upload songs that were recorded in his bedroom to SoundCloud in 2020, it’s truly impressive to see the blossoming career he has built through great music, an individualistic sound, and a compelling personality, with a few viral moments to help along the way.

In his newly released track “ruthless”, Synthetic, GeoGotBands, and ssort create a chaotic and energized beat that Amiri goes insane over. Incorporating a variety of triplet flows and high-octane bars, he somehow manages to incorporate even more liveliness into the song than the rage-centric instrumental itself.

The same could be said in his other fresh song “trouble”, this time going crazy over the intoxicating production courtesy of Maajins and Pooka. Whether he spits more words in a second than I can even mentally process or chops up his lines to deliver spurts of enthusiasm, there isn’t a moment that isn’t infectious throughout either of these two songs. So, if you have somehow slept on Rich Amiri up until this point, you simply can’t overlook him any longer because he’s going to get bigger and bigger as he continues to release music that’s as great as these records.