Running Out – [9lokknine]

There’s no denying that the Florida rap scene is one of the most fun regions to pay attention to, and if you agree with this then you most likely agree that 9lokknine is one of the most entertaining individuals in the game right now. Most recently, he decided to gift us with a brand-new song entitled “Running Out” with the help of producer KonceptP, and the results just further back up my previous statement.

As the production unfolds, you can hear some sort of strings being played, possibly by a violin of sorts before the 808s enter into the picture and completely take control of the record, driving it forward effortlessly as a bouncy just consumes your soul and almost forces you to bob your head along with the beat. As 9lokk begins to spit, he decides to start out with a slower, more melodic flow that is easily ingested and will be undeniably stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

After a few lines, though, he switches to a different cadence that gets slightly quicker before getting much more insistent with his lines, showing off a bit of aggression and hostility that pairs with the lighter elements in the instrumental pretty perfectly. At the same time, his lyricism and wordplay are at an all-time high, referencing everything from Tony Hawk to kosher pickles and more. Beyond this, though, I just can’t appreciate his flows enough. Considering there are multiple lines where he sounds like he’s going to wrap up the rhyme scheme he’s using before surprising you and going into another set of bars using a similar scheme while introducing other elements as well, proving his dexterity before your very eyes.

While this song also comes with a Magic-directed music video, I feel like the bulk of the focus should remain on the song. The visual is clean as 9lokk and his crew vibe out in a neon light-illuminated room, and the simplicity is just how I enjoy certain videos, yet the song truly steals the show in my own opinion, and I don’t think t hat’s very controversial to say after you tune in and hear it for yourself. While 9lokknine seems like he has the underground Florida scene on lock, I think this year is a pivotal moment in his career to either bust into the mainstream or remain an underground legend for good, so I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what he has in store for fans. “Running Out” seems to just be the start, so make sure you tune in and keep up to date with the Florida hitmaker as this year unfolds.