Runnin Wild – [Olivier St. Louis]

Oddisee is a favorite artist of mine. After discovering that the Washington D.C., native is entirely producing an upcoming 7 track EP with his GoodCompny band affiliate Olivier St. Louis, I already knew that the first single would be like a breath of fresh air. Olivier also hails from D.C., with his unique sound specializing in an array of R&B, Soul and hip-hop. For their collaboration, Oddisee shared via Instagram that Olivier traveled all the way from Berlin to New York to complete their EP entitled “Matters of the Heartless,” spending more than two weeks to perfect the production, writing, and recording of each individual record. The first single, “Runnin Wild,” is a smooth electric guitar-filled track, with soulful vocals to complement Oddisee’s glorious instrumentation. The drums are not as dominant as the guitar, but the soft percussion meshes well with Olivier’s lyrical flare. This particular single, presumably, along with the rest of the project, pertains to the topic of an ended relationship. Unlike a traditional heartbreak track, the record’s vibrant dancing pace makes it flow in a voltaic fashion. I cannot wait to hear Matters of the Heartless in its entirety, considering Oddisee is a meticulous architect in song selection. This particular project will be a fitting short, yet sweet release, providing some much-needed quality content during a difficult time for all. “Runnin Wild” is now available to stream via Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp.

Words by Brandon Washington • Prod. Oddisee