Runnin Thru My Mind – [NV] Ft. [Def Liva]

On my list of up and comers with extremely bright futures in Chicago, NV is a name that is constantly “Runnin Thru My Mind.” This phrase just happens to be the name of his latest hit as well. NV was able to get a ton of talented people to engineer this song to its perfection, such as the song’s producer Eyukaliptus, with HeadAche and even his talented brother/producer Cheech Beats, who both helped with the mastering process. This track is all about NV reminiscing on the memories that he constantly has, such as his progress in the music industry and so much more. NV was also able to recruit the low key SAVEMONEY artist Def Liva for this memoir. Def Liva has the second verse, coming in with some ferocious bars, just adding to the storytelling aspect of the song. Based on my interpretation of the track, I may make it sound like something we’ve heard before. The thing is, NV and Liva make these stories into their own, transforming the typical “came up from nothing” story into a fresh hit, with a brand new feeling and meaning to this common theme. In other news, NV is making waves in the music scene with his lit live performances throughout the city, such as his opening slot for Curren$y at the Metro a few weeks ago. You can catch him on August 5th, opening for some of Wu-Tang Clan’s biggest legends, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon. He is definitely someone you don’t want to sleep on, because you could blink and he could be at the top with his talent and potential. “Runnin Thru My Mind” is definitely going to be a classic in NV’s discography, so get familiar with the talented emcee below.

words by Danny Adams