run n gun – [Tropes]

Seldom rising acts in the digicore scene are having as lucrative of a 2021 as Tropes. Spending most of their 2020 fine-tuning their sound and adding weight to the once-little known PlanetZero roster, they have broken out in full force this year and are absolutely making the most out of what they’ve created for themself. 

They’ve been just as prolific with their solo output as they have with their bevy of feature spots, but it’s this constant stream of outstanding singles of their own that have been the most telling example of their progression. A plethora of tracks have already dropped this year on their end without any one of them coming close to falling short; in fact, they’ve only come to impress more and more. 

Of course this notion continues with “run n gun,” the latest solo offering from this outstanding talent. By in large, this is just another track that equally stands out on its own as being incredible while adding to their ever-growing artistic pallet that was pushed to the spotlight earlier this year. 

They find themselves again teaming with fellow PlanetZero and Graveem1nd mainstay dltzk on production here — the two already proving to be one of the absolute best duos throughout the entire digicore landscape. This instrumental – with its consistently fast-paced nature – takes a multitude of scattered digital riffs and spreads them out throughout the entire experience, almost as though the beat never stays quite the same for a single moment. 

Tropes glides right above all this controlled chaos with one of, if not their most enigmatic performance yet. What begins as a sporadic and brazen collection of heavily-digitized vocal passages during the track’s opening verse eventually evolves into a clear-cut hook that is nothing short of remarkable by itself. The way in which the song’s chaos is balanced between these two vocal demeanors is easily the track’s most telling feature, showing just how masterful our main talent has become at creating nuanced deliveries all to their own. 

Again, this is just another track that continues the seemingly limitless hot streak that Tropes is currently embarking on. It bears repeating that with each new offering comes something that much more impressive about their artistry, and it’s only a matter of time before this fact becomes apparent on an even grander level with an output as consistent as this.