Run – [murky.]

After first familiarizing myself with California native, murky., almost exactly a year ago, my obsession with his music has continued to grow tremendously. First it was “Pretty Pills”, then “Roses”, and now his new single, “Run”, has got me hooked yet again. Lucky for me, Amazon delivered my new aux cord yesterday, so my car speakers are back in business and “Run” certainly passes the car test. A psychedelic alternative pop record with loads of grit, when it comes to thinking of songs that are sonically distinct, murky. does this just about as well as anybody. I think the beauty we hear in “Run” is that murky. isn’t trying to emulate anyone else, he’s unapologetically himself and that really cuts through in this one. 

Floating overtop of a finger-picked electric guitar line, murky. makes his grand entrance singing amongst the somber instrumental with airy vocals and a subdued energy. However, at around the 25 second mark, a sudden change of pace occurs as drums kick in and murky. leans into a more melodic flow and up-tempo groove. Despite the switch-up, the message of the song stays cohesive as murky. alludes to a love that he can’t seem to figure out and questions if the other person involved is really all that focused on him. A situation many can relate to, murky. sings “I can’t save me from myself” as he finds himself unable to let go of his hope for a future in this seemingly unhealthy relationship. And while the message might be solemn, the song itself is an absolute groove and the perfect record to spin on a sunny August afternoon while driving on the highway with your sunroof down, so look no further and go check out “Run” below!