RUN – [Killer Mike] ft. [Dave Chappelle] & [Young Thug]

It really gets on my nerves when I hear people who aren’t fans of rap music talk about how it is a genre that solely revolves around drugs, money, and subjectifying women. Yes, these are topics that come up throughout the genre quite often, just like there are reoccurring narratives in all other types of music, but there are some artists who bring so much more than these things to the table. Killer Mike is an absolute legend who has been in the game for well over a decade, and although he has always been one to stand up for racial injustice and equality for his entire life, it seems like he has become the leader of a completely overdue movement that is against all of the inequality and unjust situations in this divided country.

Due to this, I always listen when he speaks whether it’s in a song or behind a podium at a protest or rally, but considering he released his first solo track in over ten years entitled “RUN” with Young Thug and a captivating monologue from Dave Chappelle, there was no way I was going to miss out now. This is such a powerful record, brought to life with a foundation courtesy of the iconic NO I.D., and the message to African Americans of basically continuing to run no matter what stands in your way is executed to perfection, but that’s no surprise if you’re familiar with the extremely well-spoken musician.

The Adrian Villagomez-directed video is yet another impeccable addition to this release as it follows a soldier who is running for his life, despite the fact that there is an entire war going on around him. Mike serves as the leader of one side of this battalion, giving orders as his followers fight for their lives to get out of this situation. Even after being captured, the original gentleman catches his captors off-guard, evading the situation before running into another group of opposers, ending things with this moment being turned into a painting as the camera zooms out on the work of art.

I feel like this ending signifies the fact that it takes so much work and effort to lead a movement of this magnitude, but once the statement is made, it will go down in history as one of the biggest changes this world has ever seen. Topics like this are never easy to talk about, but it’s mandatory to bring light to them in order to make a change, and I think that Killer Mike did a phenomenal job putting this record together on all fronts in order to continue his campaign and bring attention to the causes that definitely need to be talked about often and always.