Run It Up – [TyFontaine] ft. [SoFaygo]

Although the music business can be pretty cutthroat and competitive at times, I feel like up and comers have to stick together. Obviously, you want to be the best and the hottest out, but you can’t do everything all alone, and having a group of industry friends and artists is definitely an advantage one hundred percent of the time.

More specifically, when I started seeing snippets and teasers for TyFontaine’s collaboration with SoFaygo called “Run It Up”, I couldn’t have had higher expectations. It did end up dropping last week and I’ve been busy so I wasn’t able to cover it sooner, but I couldn’t let this one fall by the wayside. Jetsonmade and 1st Class teamed up to bring this instrumental to life, and they did an absolutely amazing job utilizing adventurous synths, crispy hats and claps, and resounding 808s that sound very similar to other Ty offerings, making sure that he’s right at home on the instrumental.

The two artists tag team the chorus, but in all honesty, they both sound so similar as if they’re long-lost brothers, so as they rotate from part to part, the differences are barely noticeable and they complement each other perfectly. The same goes for their verses, where the duo seems to utilize the tuneful elements of their voice better than ever before, providing an awesome mixture of bars and melodies that constantly change as they progress throughout the song.

As far as the music video is concerned, the two talents teamed up with DotComNirvan to shoot this flick, but you already know that it’s going to be quite the spectacle when these two artists are the stars of the show. The entire thing pretty much takes place in an all-white film studio, and Ty and Faygo both utilize not only their colorful outfits but their bubbly personalities to the fullest. Aside from them, a plethora of lovely ladies accompanies them in multiple shots throughout, shaking their butts and chasing after both emcees as they’re dressed in red bikinis and white robes. While this might not be the most outrageous music video you’ll see all week, it definitely brings the record itself to new heights and I’m excited about that without a doubt.

At this point, I’ve written around 600 articles, so even if you’ve never listened to a TyFontaine song, you should be familiar with him as an artist considering a good chunk of my write-ups are related to the young icon. He’s not only one of my favorite up and coming artists, but he’s one of my favorite artists in general, so I can’t wait to see what he has in store with the album he has been hyping up on social media recently. As for SoFaygo, I might not be as familiar with him and his music, but I legitimately haven’t heard a single even remotely bad song from him either, so this pairing was just a match made in heaven. Although “Run It Up” has been out for a few days, stop delaying the inevitable and make sure you tune in as soon as possible.