Run Em Down – [SYPH] feat. [Don Q]

Toronto native SYPH returns with his new single, “Run Em Down,” featuring Don Q. Hard hitting production and a melodically driven flow from SYPH and the contrasting grit of Don Q’s signature sound create a lively contrast. In totality, “Run Em Down,” embodies power and bravado through its bop-inducing sonic construction that has the Toronto native preaching boss-up ethics and execution. This is SYPH’s second single of the year, coming off the heels of “Grudge,” and a potent reminder of his skills as an emcee. Clearly ready and able, SYPH’s return home will undoubtedly bring a wave of music that he’s got in the tuck that echoes his ability in transforming a beat into a motivational brand of street-gospel. Do not miss out on SYPH’s new single as it will surely help soundtrack your weekend.

Listen to “Run Em Down” by SYPH featuring Don Q below.