Run Away – [NV]

No matter where in the world you are, there are so many different levels of the different music scenes that exist. Whether you’re on the come up with a small following, considered a local legend, or you’re someone who made it out of your hometown and have been recognized by other fanbases, I like to give credit to everyone because it’s not easy to constantly grind the way so many artists do. At the same time, when the number of streams start to rise, fans start to accumulate, and recognition begins to build, and it all starts to feel more and more worth it.

A few years back, I met and became friends with an artist who goes by the name of NV, and I was impressed from very early on. He clearly had bars, something I knew right off the bat when I saw him freestyle at the party I met him at, but his versatility was something that caught my eye as well. Since then, life took over and through some obstacles in front of him, but even though I didn’t know him that well, I knew he was the type of guy to overcome and thrive no matter what kind of diversity was placed in front of him, so when I heard that he was getting back into music, I was so excited for him.

Recently, he hit me up to tell me about his latest song “Run Away” which was produced by Trap Tree Records, and he even created an amazing music video with Cheech Beats, so I couldn’t help but write about it for you all. Before I get too ahead of myself, though, I do have to point out how this song is definitely impressive, and while there is room to grow, I feel like it’s a solid offering that’s going to help entrench him even deeper into the Chicago music scene. In the video, NV finds himself in an airport looking at screens full of flights, and while we don’t know exactly where he is going, he gets his suitcase from baggage claim when he arrives and goes on his way.

After this, there are multiple shots of him hanging out in a dark room or at the bottom of a set of stairs that seem to lead to a train stop. While these might not be the craziest or most eventful scenes, NV steals the show while spitting his lyrics and showing that the emotion he put into this record wasn’t fabricated, and it’s abundantly apparent in his facial expressions within every single shot. NV might still have a ways to go on his music journey, but he has solidified a great foundation, and “Run Away” is yet another awesome addition to his sonic library, making it a song and visual you’re not going to want to miss out on whatsoever.