Rules 2 Da Streets – [Glock Jones]

Waxbando has a new collaboration with Washington, D.C.’s Glock Jones which lands the pair fresh in our pages today. Jones’ new track ‘Rules 2 Da Streets’ takes a sharp left-turn when compared to the traditional instrumentals we hear D.C. artists over as Glock gravitates to an old-school beat which sounds like it is straight out of 1997 New Orleans. His delivery still is gruff and he speaks on intense street subject matter in a matter-of-fact manner which shows his listeners how comfortable he is living on the edge and how confident he is to be able to face the things he speaks on while still remaining optimistic and laid-back without lacking. I really enjoyed this video and you can always count on WaxBando to create compelling visuals which match the mood of this track, in this case showing Jones in a dark interrogation room where his brash attitude is fully revealed, refusing to cooperate with the officers.