Rucksack (live) – [Qari]

One of the most impactful Chicago artists over the last decade is Qari, who some may remember from his Hurt Everybody days or his amazing catalog of solo releases, most recently being 2022’s Stronghold project. This was one of my favorite bodies of work to come out of the city last year, and one of the fan-favorite tracks off of the tape was the introductory record “Rucksack”. Waaaaaay back in 2019, Qari and Eddie Burns actually teamed up with many other talented creatives to shoot a live performance of this record, and now nearly four years later, we are finally getting to see this masterpiece.

Although it’s years later, I believe that it only adds to the allure of this piece of content, and I am glad that this didn’t slip through the cracks. They could have easily not have ever put this out, for reasons such as it being outdated or wanting to shoot something new with a similar concept, but I appreciate this not only for how good it is but for the moment in time that it captured. Shout out to everyone that was involved in this project, you all did a fantastic job and I thank you for your effort into this beautiful piece of history.

Written by Qari
Director: Yakub
Produced/Piano: Eddie Burns
Arrangement/Saxophone: Kenneth Leftridge Jr.
Upright Bass: Kurt Shelby
Background Vocals: Demetruest, Eva Supreme & Paloma Jones Cello: Molly Rife & Victoria Lee
Violin/viola: by Lil Sharp and Christine Fliginger
Mix/Master: Matt Hennessy for VSOP Studios