RR – [TM88] x [Smokepurpp]

There’s no denying the fact that when Smokepurpp dropped Deadstar 2 back in December, it was an instant hit. With bangers sprawled throughout and a complete spectrum of different sounds created with a myriad of crazy production, I felt as if it was definitely worth the wait and that it was a fantastic sequel to the original album. His features were meticulously selected, thriving on every song they had a part in, and Purpp never got outshined on any of those tracks, which can be an issue for other artists. Although that’s been in my rotation since its release, Smokepurpp has been somewhat quiet since then, but that silence ended in a huge way today with the release of a collaborative song called “RR” by him and hitmaker TM88.

TM88 sets the stage with artistic guitar strumming, rapid and rattling hats, and resounding 808s. In Purpp’s verses, his autotuned voice elevates his words as he bounces them effortlessly. His hook uses a similar flow which includes a few short lines spoken in bursts rather than consistently, but then slows up other bars and stretches the words out. The topics he discusses range in seriousness as he talks about a “cocaine white” Rolls Royce and some of the terrible things he’s seen and done before he started rapping. One of the most impactful and eye-opening narratives he mentions is the fact that weed doesn’t help him as it should which leads him to relapse on harder drugs more often than not. You can tell in the tone of his voice that this is the last thing he wants to happen and it’s just something that he just can’t help, but he wishes things were different.

This track is just over a minute and a half long, and despite its briefness, it makes an impact. Purpp gets deeper than we’re used to hearing from him previously, although he did have moments on his latest album where he took a more introspective approach and talked about what was going on in his mind and the struggles he faced. I think that seriousness brings out some raw emotion in the Florida artist which turns from what some people might consider a run of the mill mumble rapper to a force in the industry with something important to say. “RR” is a fantastic reintroduction back into the spotlight for Smokepurpp following his brief hiatus after Deadstar 2 dropped, so be sure to give it a listen.

Words by Danny Adams