Royal Rumble – [Lil Yachty] [Krispylife Kid] [RMC Mike] [Babyface Ray] [Rio Da Yung OG] [DC2Trill] & [Icewear Vezzo]

For almost a year at this point, I have been completely enthralled with the music scene in Michigan. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the Detroit and Flint rap scenes have made the biggest waves in music over possibly the past half-decade or more, and not a day goes by that I don’t hear about some new spitter from the Midwestern hub. Obviously, Tee Grizzley, Sada Baby, and 42 Dugg have seemed to break out of the underground while continuing to receive nationwide support. Although I’m still a big fan of these artists, I think that the underground scene has even more to contribute to the world of music that the rest of the country is going to catch onto sooner or later.

I know I’m a huge supporter of the movement coming out of the rising state, but Lil Yachty has also shown his admiration for the crusade coming out of the north, even constantly teasing an entire collaborative project entitled Michigan Boy Boat. While there’s no sort of timeframe of when this is supposed to be released, he has gifted us a few songs featuring some of the most promising underground legends from Michigan, and the most recent song is entitled “Royal Rumble”.

In this hit, Yachty recruits some of the brightest young talents from MI including Krispylife Kid, Babyface Ray, Rio Da Yung OG, DC2Trill, and Icewear Vezzo, and although I was personally only familiar with a few of these artists before, I’m always beyond happy to add new names to my repertoire of blossoming talents. Carlo Anthony creates the instrumental for this record by incorporating some hasty, rotating piano keys, fast-paced percussion, and subdued, passive drums that are very reminiscent of many of the other beats you might hear these Michigan emcees spit on.

Although the production seems simplistic, it allows for each of the artists to show off their wide variety of sounds, styles, and skills, acting as a proverbial blank canvas that they get to paint with their individualistic personalities. Obviously, when a song lasts for four and a half minutes with a beat that sounds basically like a loop, things can get dry and monotonous extremely quickly. The thing about Detroit and Flint is that they never allow this to happen because their unique personalities and charisma continue to keep things as fresh as ever as they rotate through their verses like clockwork.

I could go on and on for days about how excited I am that the Michigan rap scene is finally seeing a sliver of attention that they’ve worked so hard to receive, but there’s still a long way to go before people truly listen up and pay them all the respect that they deserve. Along with this song, there is an AMD Visuals-directed music video that I didn’t go too heavily into detail about, but all 7 artists basically vibe out with one another as each talent goes in and recites their verses impeccably. Looking at the bigger picture, I literally couldn’t be more excited to see which rising talents Yachty is going to include on Michigan Boy Boat and when it’s going to drop, but as long as he continues to drop off singles like “Royal Rumble”, I don’t mind being patient.