Roy Woods Behind The Scenes Freestyle

It’s hard to know as outsiders looking in on what goes on behind the scenes on tour. Sure, we have ideas that we derive now and then from social media posts or paparazzi, but when we get a true look at behind the scenes footage from a camera that follows around an artist for an entire day, we’re able to come to realization of what their days actually consist of.

In this eight minute clip, you see OVO member and Toronto native Roy Woods in a glimpse of what life is like on tour, at least for him, as he waits for his show later that night in Los Angeles with Drake and The Migos. Roy’s exceptional creativity and dreamlike vocals provide for an outstanding freestyle about 40 seconds into the clip that lasts for nearly a minute – and will make you only want to hear more. The video then goes on to show Roy drinking golden Hennessy, rolling backwoods, and then a glimpse of his late-night studio work with MadeinTYO. It’s always interesting to see an artist’s creative processes in the studio and how they different from person to person, and the studio scene Roy creates is a dark atmosphere with soft glowing blue lights and blaring instrumentals – which honestly is just what I’d expect from someone who relies so heavily on emotional appeal in his music.

Woods is perhaps one of the most talented R&B singers out right now, and is in my personal favorites and most heavily rotated. His career started with a bang with his EP EXIS in 2015 that featured the hit single “Drama” which featured Aubrey himself. Since, Roy has been a force in the R&B industry, and has consistently put out exceptional projects and features that frankly I’d like to see more of. As we wait for more of the Toronto product, this video shows how he’s currently living and the work that goes on behind closed doors to make him the unique talent that he is.

Watch Roy Woods Behind the Scenes Freestyle OVOSound below!

Video produced by Kasey Schutz