Roy French drops five new songs!

Roy French is by far one of the most interesting artists in the game, you never know what he might do next! Lucky for us, he came through a couple days ago and dropped not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE new records! On the first one titled “Fuck Friends”, Roy came through and gave us a melodic anthems about how he would rather have paper than friends, which is relatable because wouldn’t we all? The second offering titled “Move’n” brought a more energy filled vibe to the table, and if you know anything about him, these are the types of tracks where his best seems to shine through. The third single titled “Three 60” was one of his more thoughtful tracks I have heard to date, he came off extremely vulnerable but I believe that will resinate with his listeners, as it did with me (s/o to Roy for including the dope Eminem reference). The fourth record called “I Don’t Do CokeDoe” is pretty self explanatory, as he brought back the infectious vibes to make for an all around good listen. Last but not least is “5:18AM”, which was probably my favorite of the bunch, not to take away from any of the other dope tunes, but this one just hit me in a different way. All in all, each of these tracks were impressive, so listen to them all below and let me know which one you like most in the comments section!