Roxanne – [Arizona Zervas]

Arizona Zervas’ new song “Roxanne” is probably one of the more catchier songs that have recently been released. This song actually blew up on TikTok, and when you listen to the song you won’t be surprised that it did. I admit I wanted to be against the song at first because I was skeptical about what was making the song go so viral. The song is only two minutes and forty-five seconds and I looked up and it had been on repeat for ten minutes. Arizona Zervas had pulled me into the virality hoopla of this song too. This isn’t a bad thing because I actually think the song is good and I’ve been playing it often. I always find songs with women’s names and colors in the hook to are the easiest to get stuck in the listeners’ heads.

Stream Arizona Zervas’ infectious record “Roxanne” below.