Rotation – [NateTaylorr]

NateTaylorr is a rising crooner based out of New Jersey with an intriguing new single in “Rotation.” NateTaylorr gained a lot of traction and notoriety at first when he released his single “Famous” back in 2016 so he’s been grinding for a good while. If we fast forward to 2018, that’s when the Jersey vocalist released a short but impactful extended play with 4 For 1. After a couple of singles which dropped earlier this year, he’s back with a brand new offering in “Rotation.” If you’re into or accustom to the “trapsoul” sound that‘s become so prevalent in R&B now then “Rotation” will satisfy your musical needs. In all honesty, the hard-hitting 808s mixed with the autotune on the track this is similar to something that I’d hear from Travis Scott or even Bryson Tiller. This could be a downside in the future because to some people it could come off as derivative, but it’s still early in Nate’s career where he can still tweak and fine-tune his sound and might I say, he sounds promising so far.

Stream NateTaylorr’s new track “Rotation” after the break.