Those unfamiliar with the exhilarating and continuously dynamic ability and talent of the San Antonio based collective FRITOGANG are in for a treat. With a new project and festival performance under their belt, the nine-man collective is building seismic steam that is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. Their latest offering, a visual for their project-cut “ROTATION,” is another towering example of their DIY ability and chemistry as artists and performers.

FRITOGANG’s new video, for those unfamiliar with the pre-established aesthetic of the clique, captures a house party in true vintage fashion. Seen laughing, lounging, rapping, singing, drinking and chilling, the dynamic group of artists welcomes viewers into their VHS-styled world. Bringing to life the laid-back production and even more relaxed delivery of each member’s verse, FRITOGANG does an excellent job of destroying the barrier that separates artists and fans. Welcoming viewers, new and old, into this world is not only admirable but strategic as this group continues to grow a fanbase while establishing their ever-evolving ability to create as a collective. There is no better time to get put onto a captivating artist or group of artists in this case, then in the early stages of their career, so get familiar with FRITOGANG – they aren’t going anywhere.

Watch the new video for “ROTATION” by FRITOGANG below and make sure to show them your support by following them on Twitter and Instagram.